Alternatives to WordPress Review Plugins

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This site is all about the WordPress love.  So, why would I write a post about alternatives to using WordPress when creating a review site?  Because, not all sites have the same requirements.  The software you use should be in alignment with the business and marketing objectives of your site.

In most cases WordPress will do the job, and do it well.  However, there are some limitations to the current WP review plugins. If you find yourself needing a more robust solution then check out the following options:

Joomla Review Component

JReviews is a Joomla rating & review component.  It is extremely robust, offering endless customization options and features not found in its WordPress counterparts.  Much like the review plugins reviewed on this site require a WordPress based site, JReviews requires a Joomla based site.

For those not familiar with Joomla, it is a content management system like WordPress.  However, beginner users tend to find Joomla much less user friendly than WordPress so this should be factored into your decision.

JReviews offers features such as paid listings, Google Maps style searching, featured listings, and much more.  I have used JReviews myself and once I got over the learning curve I was amazed with the power it offered.

<a href=''>PHP My Directory</a>

PHP My Directory is a standalone directory and user review script.  As the name suggests, it is primarily a directory script, though it also has very capable review functionality.  PHPMyDirectory has been around for quite some time and is highly regarded by many web developers.

It integrates well with 3rd party solutions, allowing you to use it in conjunction with your favorite CMS, like WordPress.  It also offers well over a dozen payment gateways so you know it’s built to earn you money.

I haven’t used PHPMyDirectory myself, but it always seems to be the first solution mentioned when discussing directory and review software. your content also

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